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by Ilaria

Posted on December 20, 2018 at 9:00 AM


“It is dreams that push us beyond our limits, give us the power to not give up and that make our life more meaningful. It may be a lifelong dream or a more recent one, but all are equally important.

Hard work, determination, and perseverance are all essential, but often not enough, to make our dreams come true. Sometimes we might need a little help, coming from outside, which could give us that extra push we need to make those dreams go live.

This is what we do at Creatyve: we fund dreams.

It all started whilst talking to young artists, friends and friends of friends, painters, musicians, sculptors, performers and many others. They all had one thing in common: they were all struggling to live off just their art. Most of them had a second job, financial help from their families or were simply selling cheap prints or copies of their artworks.

It was painful to see so many talented people who could not chase their dreams full time and develop their art. Right away, we started looking for a solution which could help them to reach that financial stability they needed in order to engage full time in what they love doing.

A few months later creatyve was born: a platform where emerging artists can meet investors in a double-sided marketplace. A virtual space where artists, investors, and art lovers can exchange art shares and also buy the physical piece of art.

Simple, quick and accessible to anyone, creatyve is able to help artists find capital for theirs actual and future art projects. At the same time, the investors receive a return for their funding effort, support and belief in the artist and their works.

Creatyve is indeed about exchanging value, but not only: it is also a way to promote art, making it accessible to anyone, also to who with a little capital wishes to take part in the art market either by buying an artwork or just a percentage/share of it.

Moreover, creatyve aims to expand the art community by offering to its users a wide network, latest trends and news of the art world, and giving also the opportunity to both investors and artists to learn how to best move and interact with the art markets.

What makes creatyve special, compared to all the other online art galleries or platforms, is that anyone can be part of it. We truly believe that the power of choosing who will have success in the art world does not belong to anyone else than you, all of you. On our platform, this becomes possible thanks to the shares which will automatically define the success of any artists: the more shares the artist sells and you buy, the more the value of the shares increases together with the success of the artist himself.

Simple, isn’t it?

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