For Artists

Hello artists!

Welcome on creatyve. You might be asking yourself what you are you doing here, what can you do or where can you go on this new platform. Well, you are in the right place to find out!

Creatyve is a platform designed for you. It is the meeting place for those who feel the need to inspire others, to dip their brushes in their souls and create beautiful worlds out of their canvases. Creatyve is the start of something new, and is dedicated to all those who don’t quite feel right where they are - the outcasts and the dreamers. If you dream, then you are an artist.

Our mission at creatyve is to make those dreams come true. And we do this by helping you get the funding and exposure you need on our revolutionary online art market. Here, you will be able to raise money, sell virtual shares of your art, and see your future success unfold before you.


Did you know that millennials are increasingly looking to buy art? Research shows that they are the fastest growing segment of collectors and also that that they are more likely to sell it instead of holding it for decades. Sadly, by definition, traditional spaces make art an elitist consumption good, restricted to the few.

How can this help me?

In today’s art landscape, it won’t help much. Up to now, there wasn’t a way to accommodate millenials’ needs. But now, on creatyve, you can engage with a wider audience and grow a whole market at a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise. And all of this free of the detrimental interference of traditional intermediaries.

Ok, so where do I start?

First, register as an artist via our ‘sign up’ button on the front page. Then you’re all set to start your first campaign! Click on the ‘Start a campaign’ button on your Artist page. Choose a name, tell us what your artwork will be about and what you want to achieve. Then, tell us how much you want to raise and what percentage of your artwork you want to sell in shares – we suggest 30%. After that, just upload a picture of the work in progress, and you’re ready to start fundraising. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very easy once you start.

You can look at our ‘How it works’ page for more information.

There is a revolution shaking the art world.
Be part of that revolution, be creatyve!