How to take great pictures of your artworks

A simple guide to taking great pictures

Hey there! You have finally finished your artwork and are ready to put it on creatyve. You just need two or three photos, but what’s the best way? How will you lure buyers? How can you successfully convey your message across through your photo? Remember your photos are the first introduction to your works: they need to be great to create an everlasting impression.

What you need?

  • A camera, but nowadays even a good old iPhone (or Samsung) can take great pictures.
  • Possibly, a tripod, or something to hold your camera up still.

Step 1 – the setting. The background wall has to complement and match seamlessly the colours of your artwork. It is really easy to forget this and simply take the picture wherever you made your art, but this won’t make a great photo. When in doubt, choose a white background.

Step 2 - Lighting: Another extremely important point. Use bright, indirect natural lighting. Avoid direct sunlight and shadows, and don’t use a flash.

Step 3 – Positioning: probably the most important point. Position your artwork up straight, making sure the picture is level against the wall. Position yourself so that the camera is at the same height as the centre of your artwork. Look into the lens of your camera and fill the frame with your picture. Make sure that the shot is perfectly aligned in every axis with the sides of your artwork. If you can, you shouldn’t be showing any background – just your artwork.


You have just taken a perfect photo: the start of something great!

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