Beyond dream


Antonio De Pasquale

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The artwork was completed on Dec. 13, 2018


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Antonio's biography

These paintings are not figurative but do strive to retain formal elements evident in the fine arts as well as the language of graffiti. The materials are also composites from earlier interests; oil colour and spray paint. They are images made by someone who is determined not to be pigeonholed as one type of designer or merry trickster. They are searching, unknown until they are in a gallery space. His interests weaved into his work astronomy and science. Art, astronomy and science. The basis for limitless investigation and a sign of someone asking questions and not shouting for attention. A searching of the unconscious. A rattling through the inside of his head. These paintings can appear fragmented, almost unconnected to anything before, pulling space in new directions. They often appear cosmic in scale or as if looked at under a microscope. Antonio is searching for something fundamental, wholistic. Recording as he goes, open to the ideas and experiences around him and just as importantly ideas in him yet to be mined. ‘’It’s all in your head, you just don’t know how big it is’’.

Antonio's art