What we do

creatyve connects artists with funders, enabling them to raise funds for their projects by selling shares.

We provide a platform where artists can raise funds to complete their works-in-progress and also showcase their completed works. To raise funds they start a campaign in which they sell a percentage of the project in shares.

Art-loving funders can support creative endeavours by purchasing shares whilst a campaign is running. After the campaign ends, shares become freely exchangeable until when a buyer is found for the work.


Create a profile

Sign up and fill in your artist profile to start showcasing your work

Start a campaign

Upload a work-in-progress, decide its market value and determine how much money you want to raise

Spread the word

Market your campaign and keep in touch with your community by giving updates

Sell the artwork

After your campaign ends, finish off your artwork and find a buyer. We'll also help out by letting our funders know!


Create a profile

Join the platform and start browsing for artworks to invest in

Buy a share

Explore the artists you like, discover their portfolios and purchase shares in your favourite artwork

Follow the art

Keep an eye on the artists and monitor their progress

Time for a return

After the campaign ends, trade your shares or wait until the artwork is sold to receive your payout